Hard to find 32FWS, Full wall slide, Bigfoot auto level, fireplace, queen bed in master, sofa bed, generator prep, washer/dryer prep, solar panel, Mor Ryde hitch, Mor Ryde suspension, Carriage quality, engineered and built for full time use in all seasons, excellent cold weather coach, owen cornings gel coat, electric awning, Corian counters, all in one bathroom, heated insulated underbelly with Carriage dual floor system, aluminum wheels, second rear basement, fantastic fan, 3 zone halogen lighting on dimmers, excellent storage in and out. Reg value $45900 SALE $42900 Zero down approx $535 pr mo oac 10 yr term. Click here for factory brochure Click here for Carriage construction video
 photo IMG_5777_zpsog06kcin.jpg  photo IMG_5778_zpsbjnntolj.jpg  photo IMG_5779_zpsrwfpggjl.jpg  photo IMG_5780_zpsnlhxeziy.jpg  photo IMG_5781_zpswmzmzm9a.jpg  photo IMG_5782_zpswjbhtoyo.jpg  photo IMG_5783_zps9wdudsdb.jpg  photo IMG_5784_zpszcf6apay.jpg  photo IMG_5786_zpsbpkfhwpu.jpg  photo IMG_5788_zpsuvo39hz0.jpg  photo IMG_5828_zpsu52qrkeo.jpg  photo IMG_5829_zpshedpuqmi.jpg  photo IMG_5830_zpsqkdlhwrg.jpg  photo IMG_5831_zps4t0kcadm.jpg  photo IMG_5832_zpsgszhdmfu.jpg  photo IMG_5833_zps5exqprej.jpg  photo IMG_5834_zps9ve1ugy9.jpg  photo IMG_5835_zpsujix9o8h.jpg  photo IMG_5836_zpsdkxvctpi.jpg  photo IMG_5837_zpspnt5rwvc.jpg  photo IMG_5838_zpsvkpin2yw.jpg  photo IMG_5839 2_zpssvhvelws.jpg  photo IMG_5840_zpssjewt0ne.jpg  photo IMG_5841_zpsjl7dcd97.jpg  photo IMG_5842_zpsyds1ecpp.jpg  photo IMG_5843_zpsfyzymbh1.jpg  photo IMG_5844_zpsw5ozjgze.jpg  photo IMG_5845 2_zpsaqxb0vik.jpg  photo IMG_5846_zpsmtkpegk9.jpg  photo IMG_5847_zpsfse0qxfe.jpg  photo IMG_5848_zpsmbuzl1l5.jpg  photo IMG_5849_zpscyduawot.jpg  photo IMG_5850_zpsc6c4vqqj.jpg  photo IMG_5851_zpsqaqtcyly.jpg  photo IMG_5852_zpsi1fwlrdw.jpg  photo IMG_5853_zpstmuvknns.jpg  photo IMG_5854_zpspjipx4fx.jpg  photo IMG_5855_zps7z5dqnao.jpg  photo IMG_5856_zpsddsccoeo.jpg  photo IMG_5857_zpsgiof3ojj.jpg  photo IMG_5858_zpsey3dxre3.jpg  photo IMG_5859_zpsf49qavhk.jpg  photo IMG_5860_zpsofrrkaxd.jpg  photo IMG_5861_zps5vk2vqff.jpg  photo IMG_5862_zpszv85kjq8.jpg  photo IMG_5863_zpslr3mbmct.jpg  photo IMG_5864_zpsxpkdkmej.jpg  photo IMG_5865_zpsoyyayayh.jpg  photo IMG_5866_zpsief7lvbm.jpg  photo IMG_5867_zpsp3ovcw12.jpg  photo IMG_5868_zps2zhswmq8.jpg  photo IMG_5869_zpsmyt1hzul.jpg