***SOLD***2019 ARCTIC WOLF 295QSL8 2 BEDROOM 4 SLIDES $42900
This unit has been smoked in, I've had it pro cleaned and have run my Ozone generator in it. Smells pretty good, has slight smoke odor which will disappear in time. This unit would normally be priced at $47900, so now there is a $5000 concession in the price because of the above. 4 slides, auto level, 2 bedroom, fireplace, free standing dinette, aluminum wheels, loft, big pantry, outside fridge, fantastic fan, outside shower, 15' electric awning, dual entrance bathroom, nice unit. Approx 9500 lbs dry weight, 34' long. Our price $42900 Zero down approx $349 pr mo oac 20 year term. Click here for factory brochure
 photo IMG_6687_zpslzryk8w5.jpg  photo IMG_6688_zpsflimocnd.jpg  photo IMG_6689_zpsxvoo6bxh.jpg  photo IMG_6690_zpsosxxtxvh.jpg  photo IMG_6691_zpsg6nrwibz.jpg  photo IMG_6692_zpsqwcndgzi.jpg  photo IMG_6693_zpswgcgwnmr.jpg  photo IMG_6694_zpsz3u1txgp.jpg  photo IMG_6695_zpswgqfjt1x.jpg  photo IMG_6696_zpsrlozlcto.jpg  photo IMG_6697_zpswaaqpfcz.jpg  photo IMG_6698_zpsy9mk2itr.jpg  photo IMG_6699_zpsyqpiucjv.jpg  photo IMG_6700_zpsadrbgl06.jpg  photo IMG_6701_zpsgrwlirib.jpg  photo IMG_6702_zps9xynht63.jpg  photo IMG_6703_zpsttkl6nbc.jpg  photo IMG_6704_zpsjmanb4yi.jpg  photo IMG_6705_zpsizl3yzk3.jpg  photo IMG_6706_zpsdmkcc7c4.jpg  photo IMG_6707_zpseas6vh32.jpg  photo IMG_6708_zpsj9mbciny.jpg  photo IMG_6709_zpsegefvail.jpg  photo IMG_6710_zpsfqz2bkmu.jpg  photo IMG_6711_zpsjif9gv5v.jpg  photo IMG_6712_zpst6gy5t2x.jpg  photo IMG_6713_zps9umbpnb2.jpg  photo IMG_6714_zps0eutvm1n.jpg  photo IMG_6715_zpsz0zfdm5t.jpg  photo IMG_6716_zpsj6ene7cm.jpg  photo IMG_6717_zpsacc63qsd.jpg  photo IMG_6718_zpsjesv0cvk.jpg  photo IMG_6719_zpsv3y1aoqt.jpg  photo IMG_6720_zpss383xf36.jpg  photo IMG_6721_zpsuba4mnaf.jpg  photo IMG_6722_zpsmq1ktuak.jpg  photo IMG_6723_zpsw0cjdoec.jpg  photo IMG_6724_zps5cad9dqh.jpg  photo IMG_6725_zps3kkjtkzs.jpg  photo IMG_6726_zps9wsgzam6.jpg  photo IMG_6727_zpspfa5hu3u.jpg  photo IMG_6728_zps8e9rktza.jpg  photo IMG_6729_zpsrg8nw9i0.jpg  photo IMG_6730_zps3xclc0oj.jpg  photo IMG_6731_zpswnop5ets.jpg  photo IMG_6732_zps9um3mvlk.jpg  photo IMG_6733_zps9wc5oig1.jpg  photo IMG_6734_zpsc7dtyjq0.jpg  photo IMG_6735_zpsadzo8i8g.jpg  photo IMG_6736_zpsi7k9jmyn.jpg  photo IMG_6737_zpslzkwxnj7.jpg  photo IMG_6738_zpsua4n7oit.jpg  photo IMG_6739_zpsm5vg3nwb.jpg  photo IMG_6740_zps9nhm1waz.jpg  photo IMG_6741_zpsbpzs8fva.jpg  photo IMG_6742_zpsfgfmaxlu.jpg  photo IMG_6743_zpsosulbtoz.jpg
 photo 295QSL8_zps6btqtxag.jpg