Full wall slide, Bigfoot auto level, fireplace, queen bed in master (can be upgraded to king), sofa bed, generator prep, washer/dryer prep, new tires last Sept, Mor Ryde hitch, Mor Ryde suspension, Carriage quality, engineered and built for full time useage in all seasons, excellent cold weather coach, owen cornings gel coat, electric awning, Corian counters, all in one bathroom with dual entrance, heated insulated underbelly with Carriage dual floor system, aluminum wheels, second rear basement, fantastic fan, Motosat satellite dish with Bell receiver (new last Sept), high quality insulated skirting (new last Sept), 2 150 watt solar panels and inverter(new last Sept) central vac, 3 zone halogen lighting on dimmers, excellent storage in and out. Very nice clean coach. Reg $42900 Sale $39900 Great financing available oac. Click here for factory brochure
 photo IMG_7349_zpswfbq1zl2.jpg  photo IMG_7350_zpst5yw1hex.jpg  photo IMG_7351_zpsu99pppfr.jpg  photo IMG_7352_zps23d2c7hs.jpg  photo IMG_7353_zpswkayfqev.jpg  photo IMG_7354_zpsfhzwqfv3.jpg  photo IMG_7355_zpsllembglz.jpg  photo IMG_7356_zpsu8ub6rku.jpg  photo IMG_7357_zpsbropuakp.jpg  photo IMG_7358_zps6yzbiw8z.jpg  photo IMG_7359_zpsaguox14j.jpg  photo IMG_7360_zpsmdq8ccsc.jpg  photo IMG_7361_zpssg2ym7ni.jpg  photo IMG_7362_zpsm769mxhl.jpg  photo IMG_7363_zpsd63p3bpw.jpg  photo IMG_7364_zpsbm9kgjql.jpg  photo IMG_7365_zpsyrpmsf7r.jpg  photo IMG_7366_zpsojzwtoiz.jpg  photo IMG_7367_zps3dbo1mty.jpg  photo IMG_7368_zpsmbkjscs5.jpg  photo IMG_7369_zpsyaigg43t.jpg  photo IMG_7370_zpsosigkiav.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zpsfkegmpse.jpg  photo IMG_7372_zpsxzdcu0cj.jpg  photo IMG_7373_zpskll0ywff.jpg  photo IMG_7374_zpsbfmyfgyo.jpg  photo IMG_7375_zpson9ehqgm.jpg  photo IMG_7376_zpsussyndjy.jpg  photo IMG_7377_zpsn5tjabic.jpg  photo IMG_7378_zpsxir9ytvh.jpg  photo IMG_7379_zpsfqcydajp.jpg  photo IMG_7380_zpsyor4adj2.jpg  photo IMG_7381_zpsbhxxnx2j.jpg  photo IMG_7382_zpsgugnnfjr.jpg  photo IMG_7383_zpso8jmjeqh.jpg  photo IMG_7384_zpsxnuvki1o.jpg  photo IMG_7385_zpsl8xwznes.jpg  photo IMG_7386_zps8eroah8h.jpg  photo IMG_7387_zpsb6ml8iju.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zps4nq7kub3.jpg  photo IMG_7389_zpsomtgsar9.jpg  photo IMG_7390_zpsgc9ttb8d.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zps4eyx67l4.jpg  photo IMG_7392_zps3nfyoe2f.jpg  photo IMG_7393_zpsfoqbdrkh.jpg  photo IMG_7394_zpsnaavx1fl.jpg  photo IMG_7395_zpsbgnrjekm.jpg  photo IMG_7396_zpsqebqf64r.jpg  photo IMG_7397_zpsfznltsr1.jpg  photo IMG_7398_zpstjpxq4t8.jpg  photo IMG_7399_zpsjl1ylvem.jpg  photo IMG_7400_zpss8oeudgb.jpg  photo IMG_7401_zpsbcxkhivo.jpg  photo IMG_7402_zpsmlno3vvh.jpg  photo IMG_7403_zps814evsff.jpg  photo IMG_7404_zps6bhjppvb.jpg  photo IMG_7405_zpssc11ftyt.jpg  photo IMG_7406_zpsznpztrrq.jpg  photo IMG_7407_zpsosv2mxhn.jpg  photo IMG_7408_zpsviwzeipq.jpg  photo IMG_7409_zpsrfxem2np.jpg  photo IMG_7410_zpsotbaiyyo.jpg
 photo 7410.3_zpspvvsmccp.png  photo 7410.1_zpsglki4c3f.png  photo 7410.2_zpsw5ej49ga.png  photo 7410.4_zps6ojydmon.png