Hard to find floorplan, only approx 33' long so easy to park without giving up high end luxury. Built by Carriage for full time residential use. MorRyde hitch and suspension, Quadra Bigfoot auto level, fresh upgraded 14 ply tires, keyless entry, rear hitch with skid bars, corian counters, sofa bed, 3 zone halogen lighting on dimmers, washer dryer prep, generator prep, all in 1 bathroom, queen walk a round in master. Carriage quality, engineered and built for full time useage in all seasons, excellent cold weather coach, owen cornings gel coat, electric awning, heated insulated underbelly with Carriage dual floor system, aluminum wheels, second rear basement, fantastic fan. Nice clean trailer. Finance available oac Click here for factory brochure
 photo IMG_7481_zpsnswoycop.jpg  photo IMG_7482_zpsjx1egvay.jpg  photo IMG_7483_zpsmag6jitd.jpg  photo IMG_7484_zpso5olgrn1.jpg  photo IMG_7485_zpsz0mkauev.jpg  photo IMG_7486_zpsdim46g7f.jpg  photo IMG_7487_zpsh4flvkof.jpg  photo IMG_7488_zps2lkwfxv8.jpg  photo IMG_7489_zpsnrwyq4uc.jpg  photo IMG_7490_zpsrkknspli.jpg  photo IMG_7491_zpsdsmptpwb.jpg  photo IMG_7492_zpsuy4oxvcb.jpg  photo IMG_7493_zpsrrx9thtq.jpg  photo IMG_7494_zpsaldkowhe.jpg  photo IMG_7495_zpsibd3t2xd.jpg  photo IMG_7496_zpsxfl8otpo.jpg  photo IMG_7497_zpslmria21j.jpg  photo IMG_7498_zpskqa8lbyy.jpg  photo IMG_7499_zpsslksr24f.jpg  photo IMG_7500_zpszigqj8m6.jpg  photo IMG_7501_zpsmrl6d4we.jpg  photo IMG_7502_zpsfa5ylzp0.jpg  photo IMG_7503_zps4fhkd6uf.jpg  photo IMG_7504_zps6aptj345.jpg  photo IMG_7505_zps8ytbxbmp.jpg  photo IMG_7506_zpsbxvumiw0.jpg  photo IMG_7507_zpsfu2oimtm.jpg  photo IMG_7508_zpsfgljxady.jpg  photo IMG_7509_zps8l0ptaqw.jpg  photo IMG_7510_zpsfjgtcsyy.jpg  photo IMG_7511_zpsiwraleke.jpg  photo IMG_7512_zpswgwoiwea.jpg  photo IMG_7513_zpsm4phehn6.jpg  photo IMG_7514_zps9t8nejdb.jpg  photo IMG_7515_zpspgcfgh7n.jpg  photo IMG_7516_zpsfeinowcn.jpg  photo IMG_7517_zpsfdmsvozn.jpg  photo IMG_7518_zpsrmpayfbf.jpg  photo IMG_7519_zpsfmzmavzg.jpg  photo IMG_7520_zps7kf3bqte.jpg  photo IMG_7521_zpsnm2ixlzd.jpg  photo IMG_7522_zpsnhy0zkxr.jpg  photo IMG_7523_zpsaoo4v2d1.jpg  photo IMG_7524_zpsrhgnxmhm.jpg  photo IMG_7525_zpsf3nlpe7h.jpg  photo IMG_7526_zpsw31vnr5b.jpg  photo IMG_7527_zpsm9qzz4q0.jpg  photo IMG_7528_zpsgz51tujt.jpg  photo IMG_7529_zpslbj5ayxh.jpg  photo IMG_7530_zpsfpb5ok03.jpg  photo IMG_7531_zpsvjiveito.jpg  photo IMG_7532_zpsjvvr9g4w.jpg